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Below are various samples of project, and short films.

Click here for info on our new Zombie/Comedy "Die-Hard Romantic."

Click here for a teaser for our latest short film, "Missing Noir," a short film noir, a tale of two unlikly people in unlikely professions as they travel across multiple continents in search of faith, fortune and fate.


Click here to see the Graphicstation 48 Hour Playlist of films.

Sister Setup

Sister Setup, is a short comedy made for the 48 Hour Film Competition in Jacksonville Florida.

If you're not familiar with this event, it takes place over a 48 hour weekend. You don't know until kick off night what genre you'll receive, you're not allowed to do any pre-work such as writing scripts, filming scenes etc. Teams also get assigned specific elements that have to be incorporated into the film, which are a "character name," "profession," "line of dialog" and a "prop." This year it was Lloyd Jaggery, Plastic Surgeon, That's just the way it is, and a salt shaker.

Time Train

Here's a sneak preview, snippet, of the short film shown at the World Arts Film Festival at WJCT, in Jacksonville Florida.

A trip down San Francisco’s Market Street with footage from 1906, prior to the great earthquake that leveled many of the city’s buildings blended with scenes from the same locations through present day. The source film from 1906 is called A Trip Down Market Street and was a 13-minute film by placing a movie camera on the front of a cable car as it traveled down San Francisco’s Market Street. A virtual time capsule from over 100 years ago, the film shows many details of daily life in a major American city, including the transportation, fashions and architecture of the era. Over the course of a few years I was able to capture recent footage of the same path, showing some of the cities unique, restored cable cars and buses along with an interesting mix of pedestrians and automobiles.

For more details on the schedule go to

Hackintosh Mashup

Based on a longer, more detailed narriated version, this is mashup of my time designing and building a Hackintosh - which is essentially, a conputer with all PC based componenets running an Apple MacOS system.

The longer version:


Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope Doc Trailer Extended Version Filmed, photographed on a mission trip in August 2012 in Fond-des-Blancs, Haiti.