48 Hour Film Competition

Sister Setup 2017

Genre: Comedy - A short comedy made for the 48 Hour Film Competition in Jacksonville Florida. Follow the tale of two sisters, and one slightly sinister plot and a cab driver that steals the show!

If you're not familiar with this event, it takes place over a 48 hour weekend. You don't know until kick off night what genre you'll receive, you're not allowed to do any pre-work such as writing scripts, filming scenes etc. Teams also get assigned specific elements that have to be incorporated into the film, which are a "character name," "profession," "line of dialog" and a "prop." This year it was Lloyd Jaggery, Plastic Surgeon, That's just the way it is, and a salt shaker.


Charming 2016

Genre: Fantasy - A Modern-Day Cinderella Story and what a grandmother wouldn't do for her granddaughter.

Fly Away

Genre: Thriller - A bad relationship ends with a tragic hobby.


Genre: Sci-Fi - Do you think you really know your best friend or wife? My homage to Bladerunner.